The Cracker Queen - Lauretta Hannon  

  A Memoir of  a Jagged, Joyful Life

our Roses

Some folks’ parents meet while they’re in college. Mine met in a moonshine stand in a pine forest--over an illegal sale of Four Roses bourbon. more >

ad Blood

Mama passed a cotton field on the way to the abortionist and smiled. The field brought back the happy memory of being seven and picking cotton all night long under a bright full moon--the shiny white bolls glowed and sparkled, turning the field into a wonderland. more >

00 Minutes

Great Aunt Martha seemed perfect until the two-foot string of cheese got stuck to the tip of her nose at the Italian restaurant. The mozzarella trailed her animated head movements like a bad dance partner. What’s worse--she was oblivious and continued to lead the table discussion. It had already been a memorable meal--earlier a waiter served a flambé behind us that incinerated Daddy’s neck hair. more >

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