The Cracker Queen - Lauretta Hannon  

  A Memoir of  a Jagged, Joyful Life

he Cracker Queen is a strong, authentic Southern woman. She is the anti-Southern Belle. She has a raucous sense of humor and can open up a can of whup ass as needed. She holds her head, and her cigarette, up high. She cusses, cackles, and raises t-total Hell when the line is crossed. You might find her waiting tables or working the third shift at the convenience store. The Cracker Queen knows loss and pain; these things have made her beautiful, resourceful, and above all, real.

are the stories on this site really true?

can I still be a Cracker Queen if i don’t meet all the qualifications?
Absolutely. Being a Cracker Queen is about having the spirit and attitude outlined above. Non-smokers, Yankees, professors, and even men can be CQs. Your age, race, and country of origin are irrelevant. But your ability to whup some ass is non-negotiable.

why are you doing this?
Two reasons —
1) shameless self-promotion
2) to provide a place to collect and share short, funny, true Southern stories

all of your stories are not about Cracker Queens. please explain.
But all of ’em are written by one.

i want to read/hear more of your stories. where can i get them?
E-mail me at with your request. I’ll add you to the CQ mailing list and keep you posted on upcoming Georgia Public Radio gigs, readings, and publications.

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